Why Boxing?

Many people unfamiliar with boxing consider the sport to be nothing more than brutality. But if you look past the generalizations created by television and movies, you will understand why A.J. Liebling dubbed it “The Sweet Science”.

Boxing and Kickboxing are holistic; they engage both your body and your mind. They are an alternative to the repetitious workouts one gets on treadmills and stationary bikes at traditional healthclubs. They are also an alternative to doing countless “reps” of weights in order to build muscle for the sake of building muscle.

The Cardio Box workout has variety yet every workout gets you closer to your fitness goals. The added element you don’t get from treadmills and weights is that participants have to engage their mind throughout the whole workout.

Punching, ducking, sidestepping quickly to the left or right on your toes, etc. are all moves that require the boxer to think about how to put them together in a coherent sequence so that offensive moves are fluid and effective and defensive moves are elusive.

So while the boxer is quickly calculating what to do next, their heart rate is increasing, calories are burning and both their upper and lower body are getting exercised simultaneously.

This workout is vastly different from just daydreaming on a thirty minute run on the treadmill or grunting through four sets of the exact same repetition ten times with a barbell. While there is merit in these exercises, they don’t engage your body and your mind in the manner that boxing and kickboxing do.

At TOPBOX, we can help you experience the training of a boxer in order to increase your stamina, lose weight and help you develop your mental awareness and physical agility. Boxing at TOPBOX does not mean having to fight or running the risk of “getting beat up”. While some of our members are competitive fighters, many join to experience a unique, effective and safe way of getting in shape and staying in shape.